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Prana Shakti Flow Yoga Training Program

We offer:
200-hour Private One on One Teacher Training Certification Program
300-hour Private One on One Teacher Training Certification Program
Yogi Transformation Training – For Yoga Students – All the alignment & philosophy without the teacher training part!

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200-Hour Training Program

At Long Island Yoga School we offer trainings suitable for where ever you are on your path. If you are ready to begin your journey in our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, we provide you with an education that enables you to share this beautiful practice with others in a way that is relatable and enhances all your unique qualities so you become the teacher you are meant to be. We cover yogic philosophy in a way that applies to life as we live it now as well as give you the knowledge to help students move to a deeper place within themselves through the physical practice. The Prana Shakti Flow™ philosophy of teaching has been in the making for over 10 years and has been fine-tuned to give all the necessary information for a strong solid foundation but with plenty of room for you to develop your own unique teaching style. In addition, we have perfected easy to follow formats so you can sequence classes, theme, assist and cue like you have been doing it for years even in your first class!

300-Hour Training Program

If you are already a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and are now ready to embark upon a deeper experience of finding or building upon your own unique teaching style and voice, our 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (resulting in a 500-Hour Certification when completed) can offer you a customized experience so that your goals and vision will be weaved into the mandatory curriculum so you can really shine and bring your unique message to the world in the way that feels right for you. This is a mentorship program so we will be with you every step of the way to guide you and support you on your journey.

Yoga Student Training Program

If your goal is to expand your knowledge of the practice and develop skills for your own personal transformation without the teaching part, then the Yogi Transformation Training Program was created with you in mind!

Through lectures on Yoga Philosophy and Meditation , to One on One Private Sessions for Pose Alignment Labs, Goal Setting, Customized Journal Assignments and Designing a Home Practice that you can actually stick too, this program is custom designed to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Our basic program starts as low as $450!
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All classes are held at Long Island Yoga School of Integrative Wellness Practices, Farmingville or Yoga Journey in Douglaston

Yoga Alliance

We are a Registered yoga school (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance which means that you can register as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) after graduating from our 200 or 300-Hour Training Programs.

We are coming up on our 12th year offering trainings and mentorships!

Prana Shakti Flow

The style of yoga we teach at Long Island Yoga School is Prana Shakti Flow. Click HERE to learn more about it!

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Want to see an overview of what is included in our training? Click HERE for curriculum.

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Available in Farmingville and Douglaston.

About my teaching style:

I love to teach – Whether it is students who are looking to deepen their practice or students looking to become yoga teachers. There is nothing I would rather do.

In my group classes the most important thing to me is safety. The sequences build gradually from easier to harder postures utilizing the muscle groups needed for the ‘peak’ postures. This allows the body to gradually warm up and become familiar with the movements needed to achieve the edge of your posture safely.

With the focus being on specific posture alignments not only is it an intellectual learning experience, but ‘muscle memory’ kicks in and your body learns how to move into that place easily because it is familiar.

All of my trainings utilize the different ways people learn – visual – auditory – kinesthetic – so no matter what type of learner you are, you will absorb the material presented in the best way for you.

In the 200-Hour Training you will learn a very specific way to sequence. There is a format you will learn to follow which gives you the ability to create well -rounded themed-based classes that seem like you have been teaching for years even as a brand new teacher.

The 300-Hour Program builds onto this format making room for even more creativity and polishing and/or developing your unique voice and teaching style.

How I explain this is the 200 hour training gives you the skeleton and the 300 hour training gives you the different outfits to dress up the skeleton. But it all begins with a solid foundation.

Yoga is a life long journey with so much to uncover about the practice and ourselves. Enjoy the journey and see all the treasures you discover along the way!

“I took part in the Long Island Yoga School’s 200 hour teacher training in 2010. Before registering, I met with Laurie Ahlemann to discuss the training and I knew immediately this was the perfect match for me. Laurie is amazing and  simply radiates positive and joyful energy. LIYS provides a very intense program that pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you dive inward to discover things about your ‘True Self’ that you may not have known. This is a highly spiritual training that will really make you think about how you live your life and what kind of energy you want to present to the world. You will leave as not only a well prepared yoga teacher, but also a more enlightened soul, with a better and deeper understanding of yourself. Overall. you will walk away changed…for the better.  – Joanna D. -2010

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