Reiki I & II Attunements/Initiations

Heart chakra.jpgWe all have the ability to channel energy. We do not need to be ‘attuned’ to this energy that already exists within us, we are initiated into the lineage – the practice of Reiki. The lineage that I was initiated into is the one founded by Mikao Usui. This initiation which must be done by a Reiki Master, brings awareness to the energy and a stronger connection to it. After an initiation at the very least, a participant will feel more relaxed but many will feel a stronger vibration of energy pulsating through them.

The initiation teaches HOW  to use this energy on yourself and how to heal others WITHOUT  taking on the energy of others which can leave the practitioner depleted. An important part of this process is learning how to ground yourself and harness this energy properly.

$150 – Reiki I Initiation (private session)
$185 – Reiki II Initiation (private session)

I offer these initiations privately or in small groups in Rocky Point, Farmingville, Great Neck, Douglaston or at your home/office. To book a session or for more info Contact me or call 917-757-0922

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