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“I have been running so sweaty my whole life
Urgent for a finish line
And I have been missing the rapture this whole time
Of being forever incomplete.” – Alanis Morissette

My cats are very busy today – napping, grooming, attacking a toy like it is prey (because to them it is) and I watch in awe as I realize what masters they are at being a cat. As it is with ever other living creature on this planet that does not over-think and obsess over things as we humans do.

I for one have spent more than half my life working to change and grow – always striving for something nameless and faceless – never really exactly sure what I was looking for but thinking wherever or whatever it was, had to be better than here or what I was.

While I do believe it is essential and quite necessary to go into the depth of our own minds and hearts to know better who we are, perhaps in the pursuit of feeling complete, we forget that we are perfect right now – exactly as we are. I am starting to understand that and even embrace that realization.

I have finally stopped running. In the stillness I can recognize the shadows still lurking within but now know where to shine the light. There is no finish line – I will never be done – and I now know I am perfectly complete in my incompleteness.  -LA

Journey to Love – Intro

journey to love

As you awaken, you will come to understand that the journey to love isn’t about finding “the one”, the journey is about Becoming “the one”. – Creig Crippen

Our toughest lessons are learned through affairs of the heart. They are the most challenging to navigate because we are usually looking for answers in the wrong places – Outside ourselves.

In the pursuit of love, I have cried unabashedly as my heart broke into a thousand pieces, then other times, walked away with indifference surrounding my heart. I have entered into relationships vulnerable, sometimes guarded, open hearted or closed and completely unreachable. I have loved unconditionally, conditionally and even sacrificially.

The endings always leave questions – I believe the most important question to ask is not, did I love another enough but do I love myself enough? We all know by now, or have at least heard it said, that you cannot love another well until you love and know yourself.

This is what brings me to the purpose of starting this blog – Journey to Love. It is my hope that we can all share and learn from each other. Please feel free to leaveunnamed comments. I welcome your insights as I would love for this to be an interactive experience for all. The journey to love can feel like an arduous path with its many twists, turns and obstacles. Perhaps we can take the joy and the sorrow, the bliss and the ruin, the happiness, sadness, trust, betrayal and everything else that our hearts embrace and sometimes endure and allow ourselves to grow from it. Quite possibly together we can find our way through this crazy, magical journey of the quest for true love and in the process discover the greatest love of all – the love of ourselves.

This blog is dedicated to all the sweet, sensitive souls who have had their hearts trampled on time and time again but yet are still open to hand their hearts over to another. You are brave and beautiful and I bow to you in honor of your undying belief in the power of love. – LA