Private Yoga Sessions


Private Yoga Instruction Package:

This One-Month Online Training Package will bring your body into optimal alignment and have you moving more fluidly in yoga and all aspects of life & fitness.

Appropriate for those working with injuries as well as sessions geared toward those with limited mobility or anyone looking to enhance their physical movement.

This Package Includes:

  • Postural assessment of misalignments present in the body causing physical pain & discomfort in your everyday activities or possibly inhibiting your ability to move further in your physical yoga practice and/or any other sport/activity. We will cover the weakest links, the most common places injuries occur and how to change the muscle memory of habitual muscular patterns so you can avoid creating new injuries and even begin to maintain and heal the existing ones with more mindful movements in all aspects of life and movement. It will be like having a brand new owners manual for your body creating more fluid, pain-free movements in everything that you do!
  • Four 1-hour online sessions that will guide you through alignment principles suitable for your fitness level providing a working foundation that your yoga practice will be based on. This will result in strength, flexibility and body awareness that will serve you well in all activities of daily life and fitness


  • A customized sequence created just for you that will bring your body back into optimal alignment alleviating acute & chronic pain

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