Group Class Schedule

East End Suffolk Yoga Class Schedule



Classes offered in Rocky Point, Farmingville – coming soon! (Suffolk), Syosett, Great Neck (Nassau), & Douglaston (Queens)

 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM 
Yoga 101 (yoga basics)
Yoga Journey, Douglaston
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8:30 – 9:45 AM
Gentle Strength Yoga, Rocky Point

10:00 – 11:15 AM 
Align & Flow
Gentle Strength Yoga, Rocky Point

6:15 – 7:15 PM 
Syosset Library
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5:45 – 6:45 PM 
*Stretch & Breathe

Gentle Strength Yoga, Rocky Point 

11:30 AM – 12:45 PM
*Yin Yoga

Gentle Strength Yoga, Rocky Point 


Prana Shakti Flow is a vinyasa flow yoga style, created by Laurie Ahlemann, with a very specific and deliberate sequencing method that focuses on the energetic qualities of the postures.  This concept of teaching is the basis for every class that Laurie teaches regardless of what the name of the class is on the studio schedule. The Prana Shakti Flow sequence brings awareness to the wisdom of the body by building upon the principles of each type of posture. Each posture in the sequence builds upon the alignment principles taught in the previous one. As the sequence progresses, the body has already become familiar with the specific movements needed. In addition, the appropriate muscles have been targeted so the body is physically ready to move to another, perhaps more challenging pose.

The energetic principles are based in the Yin Yang philosophy. Just as the symbol represents two halves becoming the whole, this class incorporates the energies that already exists within us and brings our awareness to it by the specific order in which the postures are taught. By bringing attention to the physical alignment of the body and combining that with awareness to the active and passive energies within the body, the focus turns inward. From there a deeper understanding of ourselves as a whole begins.

Beginner/Intermediate, Foundations and Basics Flow will focus on the alignment principles of all the standard yoga postures that set up the foundation for all the others. What makes this class unique is the way you will learn these yoga postures. Instead of just learning each pose individually, you will learn the principles of each type of pose and understand how to apply these principles in every pose. If you ever wondered why your wrists hurt in downward facing dog or why there is pain in your lower back when doing back bends, then this is the class for you. The knowledge gained in this class will enable you to modify or deepen any posture safely and at the pace that is appropriate for you!
In the Beginner/Intermediate class a slow, detailed flow is introduced.

Align & Flow consists of anatomical and breath-oriented focus in a mindful flowing sequence. Each class focuses on how to properly align the body to create easefulness and strength in the physical postures while creating a safe space for students to move deeper into awareness of movement that will not only enhance a physical yoga practice, but will help in finding properly aligned movements in all areas of life. For the beginning student, a strong foundation of alignment principles will be set while the more advanced student will enhance their understanding of these principles leading to a stronger and more easeful advanced practice. Appropriate for All Level of practitioners.

Stretch & Breath will offer practitioners the perfect combination to de-stress and unwind. We begin with gentle, restorative stretches leading into a guided meditation. Yogic philosophy tidbits will be woven into the class and contemplated while in meditation leading to an experience of deep relaxation and a deeper understanding of self.

Yin Yoga is a series of floor poses held for a longer duration of time in order to lengthen the connective tissues of the body. This helps us maintain a healthy range of motion in our joints and allows for the flow of Prana (vital life energy) to move through us. A regular yin practice will sooth the nervous system and bring us back to a state of balance in our bodies and minds. This practice is a great counter to the more active practices especially for athletes or those working through injuries because it brings the body back into optimal alignment. This cooling practice allows for more flexibility and stamina leading to heightened performance of any activity.  Yin yoga is suitable for all levels of students.


The best way to describe the physical aspect of my class is it gives you a strong foundation from which to work. The principles of each posture is emphasized throughout the class. Instead of the poses and cues being presented as separate from one another, it is broken down into principles that are utilized in every pose.  This helps tremendously with muscle memory and postural alignment.

What does this mean for you? Your practice will evolve quicker than you could imagine since the principles will automatically bring you into your optimal alignment. When the body is properly aligned all the muscles work together avoiding over-use of stronger muscles and weaker muscles taking a vacation during the practice. This creates balance of movement – when this occurs, you get stronger faster AND avoid injury or help alleviate existing injuries and/or learn to work with them instead of against them.

I think it is important to feel and learn proper muscle integration and apply the principles in the basic postures first – the ones we do all the time – downward facing dog, warrior II, side plank, to name a few. It is in these postures that we learn the proper integration of all the muscle groups required for the specific pose being practiced.

Our muscles get ‘smarter’ as they move in similar patterns over and over again  (muscle memory) so that when they are called upon to do the same action in a strong pose such as handstand they meet it with ‘oh yeah, I remember this’, and while the pose is not easy there is an easeful quality to it. Inversions, arm balances and all the strong, and usually difficult postures are attained by a slow, steady progression of proper initiation of movement so that the postures happens when the body is ready – because all the principles have been learned and applied. We cannot hasten the harvest. Everything, even advanced asana (postures) will happen in its rightful time.

The postures are like a pyramid. If we build on a weak foundation, it won’t take long to crumble. If we think of the ‘basic’ postures as our foundation that we will build upon, we can see how making it as strong as possible is the key to longevity – keeping us injury-free and building a strong, solid physical practice.

The unique aspect of my teaching style is that in addition to sequencing anatomically (see above for why that is beneficial), I also keep the energetic qualities of the postures in mind. Just like the Yin/Yang Symbol, two halves equal the whole. Every asana (posture) has an active and passive quality to it, in varying degrees of course, but they both exist simultaneously. When this subtle energy component is taken into consideration, the poses flow better and the experience becomes one of moving through the layers of physical & mental energy and continuing  gracefully into the energetic and spiritual layers – the subtle aspects of Self existing in all of us. The practice then becomes a moving meditation – a journey inward. It becomes a place where inspiration enters us and transformation begins.


“I just wanted to tell you how much I loved meditation class this week, and that your blog is great! I like the idea of themed classes and I never really had a themed class before life with Long Island Yoga School. I also told you last week, but I will say it again; I love the teacher training! It has been a really amazing experience so far and I am happy with the decision to do it through your school. Each part of it is so interesting and I love that we are getting the complete exposure to all the facets of yoga as a life practice. Thank you for putting together this beautiful program. I feel so lucky to be part of it. – Rosanne S – 2009

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